Does bed bath and beyond accept expired buy buy baby coupons

But even Buy Buy Baby branded coupons still can't be used on diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, or baby furniture.

And there are usually multiple clearance areas inside every store, one with seasonal markdowns and then area-specific clearance bins throughout the departments. Jessica Probus. Though there may be an expiration date, most stores will accept these coupons past that date. View this photo on Instagram.

Which might explain who is selling those coupons on eBay. And you can even use your registry as a receipt if you need to return items later on. Key Developments.

PSA: BuyBuyBaby coupons expiration policy changes

Key Metrics. All Listings. The Company sells a range of domestics merchandise and home furnishings. Domestics merchandise includes categories, such as bed linens and related items, bath items and kitchen textiles. Home furnishings include categories, such as kitchen and tabletop items, fine tabletop, basic housewares, general home furnishings, consumables and juvenile products. The Company operates approximately 1, stores plus its various Websites, other interactive platforms and distribution facilities.

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D Elia. I used to work at BBB and can attest to their coupon policy. They have to put expiration dates on their coupons due to federal law. It is also good to note that they have a price-match policy on identical items and will also honor competitor coupons as well. You can also use the coupons on any item in the store even though on the coupons it details some restrictions.

The Stores That Accept Expired Coupons (and Restaurants Too)

I also agree that they do mark up quite a bit of stuff. Bargain Babe: The 5 coupon limit thing is a general policy. We were told to tell people that, but if they asked, we were to allow as many coupons as they had. Due to their focus on customer service, you can also ask for discounts and they will usaully give them. At my store, a manager will not give you a bigger discount just because you asked.

It is what it is marked.

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

They still will not expire but your maximum savings after that date will be 10 percent. You can sign up in store for coupons or you can do it on the web site. I have customers come in with literally bags full. It is one coupon per item. We are taking them expired at the time but some stores, such as some on the east coast, do not. The company is talking about doing that store wide. I look forward to going to work every day and not many people can say that. Wish this were the case in New York City. But the last time I shopped there was more than a year ago. I just checked their online FAQ and there is a question on whether they accept expired coupons. Wish me luck! Thom It never hurts to try! I would call in first at a location to check if they take in the expired coupons. I believe they will. Good luck with the shopping! It always gets me when people say that BBB has higher prices. Higher than whom? While that might be true about certain items, I find that most of their prices are NOT higher than most stores, and are even lower than many stores. I actually got a few of these coupons from a friend and I ended up throwing them out!

Darn I should have used them or passed them on to someone else. I want to buy pillows that match. I have been employed for 2yrs and just thought I would offer some friendly help. The Savings Certificates, not to be confused with our coupons, are the coupons that are sent to your e-mail address. These must not be expired, and we accept one from a customer per day that is not expired.

As of right now, however, my manager has talked about this changing in the future. With that coupon it is what it is. It is also on the bottom of the coupon if you look in the details.

When my customer came back over a year later she asked for it again. The manager on duty told my customer that he was sorry however, he was not allowed to do it, and it was abiding by our store policy. Atleast in my store we are all trying to help the customers with the best way to apply their coupons. You are able to sign up for our coupons in the store. You just fill out a slip with your info and drop it in the box.