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How do their standards compare? Which one would you choose if you made the choice?

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Hi Ryan! To be honest, Bimbosan and Loulouka are almost identical both in terms of ingredients and in terms of nutritional info. I think they are both actually produced by the same parent supplier Hochdorf in Switzerland.

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I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you so much for this post!! It really helped me find a formula because I needed to start supplementing one feeding a day for my 6 month old son. Unfortunately my supply is just not keeping up with his needs.

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I then purchased the Holle stage 2 and he likes that one much better, I tasted it myself and it taste like milk. My concern is the Maltodextrin, how bad is it? I know there is no perfect formula, but would you mind elaborating more on this. I see that both the Holle and Lebenswert stage 2 have Maltodextrin In it. Promo Codes & Discount Codes

Your input is much appreciated!! Hi Christina! Yes you can — Stage 1 is technically ok to use until 12 months of age. The main difference between Stage 1 and 2 is the iron content, but if your baby is a good eater once you transition to solids then they may not need the extra iron Stage 2 provides! I love this write up! Thanks so much. I was wondering which you would recommend for babies who are lactose intolerant.

Hi Stacey! Those would be my top 2 recs! I am debating using Loulouka, I found a reputable supplier online. What do you think of it? I could always supplement DHA and probiotics, but I am mostly breastfeeding and only supplement one bottle per day. Or is the palm oil and hexane dha not as big of a deal and Hipp is still worth getting? I think Loulouka is great and certainly the lack of palm oil is a plus! Thank you so much for the updated post! I was just wondering with all the talk recently on folic acid vs folate, if you might consider this as a factor or do all use the synthetic folic acid?

Hi Olivia! Hope that help! We are planning on traveling soon. Hi Christine! I never did — I used filtered or bottled water for my kids. Hello, My DS has been having tummy issues and now a severe bottle aversion. I want to use Hipp HA but wanted to get your opinion on the Neocate formula. Hi Zoe!

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Did your GI run an allergy test on your little one and is the milk protein allergy confirmed? Hi there! I am exclusively breastfeeding but would like the option to have formula as a backup. My baby is 8 weeks old and super gassy especially at night. Do you think one is better than the other? Hi Lexie! Hi Danielle! Loulouka is available on moo Organics and formuland. The question is this formula EU certified? Is it safe? Hi Tina!

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I believe it is safe, and I think it has the same ingredients as Bimbosan an EU certified Swiss formula. This article has more details about Loulouka which might help! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Copyright The Picky Eater. All rights reserved. These establishments use methods, such as home delivery, door-to-door solicitation, in-home demonstration and displaying of merchandise through temporary stalls or kiosks, to reach their customers and market their merchandise.

These establishments are usually referred to as freight forwarders, marine shipping agents or customs brokers. They may offer a combination of services which may span transportation modes. Full-service restaurants Accommodation, food, or beverage Services bistro eating places , chinese buffet restaurant, dining rooms, drinking places that primarily serve food, family restaurants e.

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Examples of establishments in this industry group are funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria. Furniture and related product Manufacturing Manufacturing manufacturing furniture and related products, standard methods of forming materials and assembling components, including cutting, moulding and laminating.

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The design of the article, for both aesthetic and functional qualities, is an important aspect of the production process. Design services may be performed by the furniture establishment's own work force or may be purchased from industrial designers. Furniture is classified based on the application for which it is designed. General freight trucking does not require the use of specialized equipment. The trucks used can handle a wide variety of commodities. Freight is generally palletized, and generally carried in a box, container or van trailer. Drug stores and pharmacies, cosmetics, beauty supplies and perfume stores, optical goods stores, food health supplement stores and health appliance stores are included Heritage institutions Entertainment or recreation Services preserving and exhibiting objects, sites and natural wonders of historical, cultural and educational value Highway, street and bridge construction Construction Construction abutment construction, asphalt or concrete paving i.

Independent celebrities, such as athletes, engaging in endorsement, speaking and similar services, are included Individual and family services Education, health or social Services providing non-residential social assistance services for individual and families Inland water transportation Transportation or storage Services inland water transportation of freight and passengers. Transportation within harbours is included Insurance agencies and brokerages Finance, insurance, or real estate Services financial planning and life insurance sales, agents and brokers, fire auto insurance general , general and life insurance, general insurance agency, general insurance broker, group insurance brokerage, insurance agents and brokers, insurance commercial, insurance office, insurance sales and service, life and health insurance, life disability group general insurance, life insurance agency, life insurance and annuities, life insurance broker, life, accident and sickness insurance, life, health, travel insurance, market insurance, multi-line insurance sales Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals Business Services operating game sites exclusively on Internet , Internet broadcasting e.

source link Establishments engaged in the delivery of letters and documents, such as legal documents, often by bicycle or on foot; and the delivery of small parcels, such as take-out restaurant meals, alcoholic beverages and groceries, on a fee basis, usually by small truck or van, are included Logging except contract Natural resource industries Natural resource industries bolts, wood e.