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This blog reflects the opinions of those writing and commenting and not necessarily the view opinions or endorsements of the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Indiana. Tastings — Downtown Indianapolis Tastings has one of the largest wine selections in the city, and you can order drinks by the taste, the glass, or the bottle.

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Messrs T. Lawson and H. Bloodgood then fought with sabres. Great interest was manifested by the ladies in the last contest of the programme. It was fought between two members of the junior class. The little men fought scientifically and with remarkable reserve for those so young, and in faot the whole assault was admirable in every way. In a few well chosen remarks Mr. Among the ladies present were Mrs. Astor, Mrs.

William C. Whitney, Mrs. Nicholas Fish, Miss Fish, Mrs. Grover Cleveland, Lady Frankland, Mrs. Charles de Kay, Mrs. August Belmont, Mrs.

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Cornelius Vanderbilt, Governor and Mrs. Wetmore, Mrs. Chapin, Mrs. Eosevelt, Mrs. Bobert Obisolm, the Misses Brookman, Mrs. Baymond Ward, Mrs. Gerry, Mrs.

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Ogden Mills, Mrs. William Kent, Mrs. Henry Watrous, Mis. Bloodgood, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Carhart, the Misses Courdort, Miss C.

Livingston, Mrs. Lawrence Hutton. Clarence C.

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Buel, Mrs. Gilder, Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mrs. Seward Webb, Mrs. John I. Coffee, Mrs.

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Chauncey Depew, Mrs. Richard Irvin, Jr. Stout, Mrs. Sturgis, Mrs. Frederick Kernoohan. Miss Kernochan, Mrs. Foote, the pastor, that He will tender his resignation immediately if exClerk Georgo B. Burr is not promptly reinstated to full membership. The beginning of the difficulty between Mr. Burr and the deacons of the church dates back to November, , when he held the position of-church clerk, but was deposed for giving to the press secrets of the church.

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It was discovered that considerable Inroad had been made into the principal to lighten the burdens of the congregation, and to this Clerk Burr objected. He presented the matter to the official board of the church, but could get no satis- j faction and then gave the story to the newspapers, i He was then deprived of his clerkship and expelled from the church. Proceedings were brought by him in the Supreme Court. Ho not only sued for damages to character, but also began mandamus proceedings for restoration to church membership.

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The church was torn with dissension. Pastor Raboteau, then pastor, resigned from the fold, saying that he belioved there was a wider field for him elsewhere and that he considered his good name at stake by remaining with the church, as church difficulties are always placed on the pastor's shoulders. After Pastor Raboteau resigned ex-Clerk Burr's proceedings against the church were brought to a sudden end by the announcement that he would be taken back into the fold.

Foote, then took cumui mt; uiiurcu. On learning that a recent business meeting of the church had been adjourned because Mr. Burr was present Pastor Foote concluded it was time to act as he has done. There is much division of opinion and feeling, and considerable surprise manifested by Pastor Foote's declaration that all through the trouble between the church and ex-Clerk Burr the latter has been in the right and the opposing deacons iu the wrong.

Young, a tenor in the company, who brought, suit for arrearages of salary. In broad daylight the North German Lloyd steamship Havel yesterday ran into the Italian bark Hascotte in the upper bay. The collision didn't hurt the big new iron steami fihirt?.

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But it was a death blow to the little bark. Two apprentices on board the Masootte were drowned, and their bodies lie somewhere at the bottom of the bay. They were:? The Havel left her dock at Hoboken about one o'clock. It was her maiden easterly trip, and a big crowd gathered on the pier to give her a good sendoff. About the same time the Mascotte left her anchorage at Stapleton in tow of the little tugboat Defiance, bound for the Union Stores, Brooklyn, where she was to discharge her cargo, consisting of 3, bags of sugar and some logwood and lignum vitffl. She was a little bark, only tons burden, and it was her maiden trip, too.

With the captain and the two boys, the ship's crew, all told, consisted of thirteen hands. That was a fateful number, but thus far it had brought the ship no ill luck, and they were all too busy Indulging in pleasant anticipations of a good time on shore to entertain any forebodings concerning unlucky numbers.

The tide was in favor of the vessel, but the wind, which was northwesterly, was almost dead against her, and as the tug that had her in tow was a small affair her progress up the bay was not rapid. The big Havel, having shipped the supplementary German mails, was making much more rapid progress down the bay. Moving in opposite directions, the big iron steamship and the little wooden bark approached one another. The bark was on the easterly side of the main channel, well over toward the Long Island shore, but pointing toward the Jersey shore. A few minutes after that the Havel, being within signalling distance and coming on quite fast, the Defiance, Jacoording to the statement of her captain, Arthur Harry, gave two shrill toots, which in nautical language was equivalent to saying to the Ha.

But there was not much room between the bark and the shore, and the Havel, instead of repeating the signal, gave one toot, which was an intimation to the tug and her tow that the Havel intended to pass outside of the bark, instead of between her and the Long Island shore. Apparently both wished to avoid being crowded too close to that shore. The similarity of choice proved disastrous for the little bark. The Havel cleared the tug, but struck the Mascotte a tremendous blow just abaft the foremast, the shock causing the mast to snap in two half way up like a dry twig.

The big iron prow of the Havel literally sawed right into the timbers of the Mascotte. It was just a quarter to two P. The Havel held the Mascotte in a vise-like grip for a couple of minutes, actually raising her up. Then she backed and down went the Mascotte like a shot. But most of her crew had taken advantage of the brief interval while the Havel held her up to climb up the rigging. And when she sank her masts above the lower yards were above water. The sailors who sought this protection didn't even get wet.